About Us

About us

Tre Stelle Coffee Co.

Originally beginning the business in late 2019 as solely a Roasting company with the help of his Father, the business has now expanded to a Coffee Shop & Roastery. Along with serving high quality coffee, our main objective is to build a coffee business with the intentions of inclusion of all individuals from various walks of life.


Growing up in the country of Eritrea, Yordan used to go to his favorite café called Tre Stelle during his adolescent years. The country of Eritrea has plenty of Italian influence, even the name Tre Stelle translates to “Three Stars” in the Italian language. In the Summer of 2019, Jonathan went back to Eritrea and was able to visit the café, which gave inspiration for the name of the business.


Our green coffee supplier sources coffees from farms around the world to ensure we receive the best coffee. Also, this guarantees that farmers are given a fair price in order to more adequately reward their hard work to generate a quality product. Also, this arrangement creates more transparency between the farmer, importer/dealer, and us as a direct line of communication has been created between the three parties.

Where to Find us?

Coffee Shop

17390 Preston Road, suite 210
Dallas, Texas 75252

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